Who is Los Gatos Kenpo Karate?

To begin with, we don’t break bricks over our heads or chop boards in two with our hands.
Instead, we teach self-defense techniques, instill confidence and infuse a big dose of common sense. Our students learn how proper breathing techniques help them through business presentations, final school exams, or sitting in traffic with a car load of kids, and dogs off to soccer. You won’t find our students on TV fighting in a cage. You will, however, find them in boardrooms, labs, classrooms and at the local market.

In short, Los Gatos Kenpo Karate students develop their mind and body for living. Students come with an open mind to learn. At LGKK martial arts Dojo (studio), there is an emphasis on controlling the mind, body and spirit. Many of our students range from CEOs, doctors, engineers and legal professionals to graduate and elementary students, including busy Moms. Students come to study martial arts and find that the techniques can be applied throughout their daily lives.

Our Kenpo Karate students understand and value comprehensive martial arts training, rather than a one-dimensional physical style. Los Gatos Kenpo Karate combines both “Martial” (combat) and “Arts” (aesthetics of mind and body) for a complete Martial Artist. It’s just one reason why Los Gatos Kenpo Karate has been teaching students since 1973.

About Sensei Arioto

Mr. Richard Arioto has been operating the Los Gatos Kenpo Karate Studio for over thirty years. He provides outstanding instruction utilizing a variety of teaching methods. His personal studies began in the early 1960s. Sensei Arioto has earned the prestigious rank of 7th DAN black Belt, certified by the American Kenpo Karate Organization. Mr. Arioto delivers high-quality instruction by customizing to the specific needs of each student, rather than forcing students into a particular teaching method. This approach to teaching has yielded outstanding results for students ranging in age from 6 to 76. Mr. Arioto has personally trained the entire instructional staff at the school and consistently maintains the highest teaching standards. Sensei Arioto personally welcomes all new students.